Mindfulness for kids


Our mission 

Be Still Kids believes all kids benefit from daily mindfulness practice. Our mission is to introduce kids to mindful habits and guide them toward empowerment, confidence, and self-awareness through mindfulness.

We offer a variety of services and products designed specifically for kids, making mindfulness simple and fun!

With membership to our Beehive Club, kids are able to learn and practice a mindfulness routine in their own homes. Handcrafted mindfulness products like our organic teas for calm and focus, relaxing Bzzzle Bath, and our Mindful Learning Toys and Kits come with easy-to-follow mindfulness tips, giving kids the tools they need to build healthy habits for a lifetime of attention and intention. Additionally, we offer training for teachers and yogis to expand their practices with mindfulness certification options.

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We carry a line of all-natural products for your little one, as well as resources to help your child with their mindfulness practice. Click here to explore our options.


Explore teacher training

We offer training both online and in-person for teachers and yoga teachers alike. Expand your knowledge base, get certified, and add mindfulness for kids as part of your practice.